CFR Old Time Radio Presents Mercury Theatre on the Air The Count of Monte Cristo

This episode Johnny Night features Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater on the Air  in “The Count of Monte Cristo”.  Join us for this fine quality vintage recording of one of the Mercury Theatres greatest productions. as always there are vintage commercials and music in our show.

Edmund Dantes – unjustly convicted of helping the former (now-exiled) ruler of France (Napoleon Bonaparte) – escapes from his own imprisonment.

Incarcerated fourteen years, Dantes seeks revenge in Paris.

In this radio play – of the novel by Alexandre Dumas – Orson Welles – and his fellow cast members from Mercury Theater on the Air – bring the story to life.



Main cast members of The Mercury Theatre on the Air:

Orson Welles, Martin Gabel, Ray Collins, Kenny Delmar, George  Coulouris, Edgar Barrier, Paul Stewart, Everett Sloane, Joseph Cotten,  Hiram Sherman, Erskin Sanford, Frank Readick, Agnes Moorehead, Alice  Frost, Karl Swenson, William Alland
Announcer:  Dan Deymour
Orchestra:  Bernard Herrmann Producer:  John Houseman
Director:  Orson Welles
Writers:  John Houseman, Howard Koch
Engineer:  John Dietz
Sound Effects:  James Rogan, Ray Kremer, Ora Nichol

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