Old Time Radio CFR Presents – Mercury Theaters – Treasure Island


Old Time Radio CFR and your host Johnny Night present the Mercury Theater production of Treasure Island

The Mercury Theater on the Air was broadcast live, yet the single occasion on which an actor’s lines are fluffed arrives in this production of Stevenson’s novel, a novel which defined pirates for generations to come in much the same way that Dracula became the cultural reference point for vampires. A children’s classic, like many of the theater’s productions, Welles’s interpretation of Long John Silver is pretty chilling nonetheless.



  • Orson Welles (adult Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver),
  • Arthur Anderson (Jim Hawkins),
  • George Coulouris (Captain Smollett),
  • Ray Collins (Ben Gunn),
  • Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Hawkins),
  • Eustace Wyatt (Squire Trelawney),
  • Alfred Shirley (Blind Pew)
  • with William Alland, Stephen Fox, Richard Wilson

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