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Old Time Radio CFR Presents – Mercury Theaters – Treasure Island

by Johnny Night


Old Time Radio CFR and your host Johnny Night present the Mercury Theater production of Treasure Island

The Mercury Theater on the Air was broadcast live, yet the single occasion on which an actor’s lines are fluffed arrives in this production of Stevenson’s novel, a novel which defined pirates for generations to come in much the same way that Dracula became the cultural reference point for vampires. A children’s classic, like many of the theater’s productions, Welles’s interpretation of Long John Silver is pretty chilling nonetheless.



  • Orson Welles (adult Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver),
  • Arthur Anderson (Jim Hawkins),
  • George Coulouris (Captain Smollett),
  • Ray Collins (Ben Gunn),
  • Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Hawkins),
  • Eustace Wyatt (Squire Trelawney),
  • Alfred Shirley (Blind Pew)
  • with William Alland, Stephen Fox, Richard Wilson

CFR Old Time Radio Presents Mercury Theatre “Around the World in 80 Days”

by Johnny Night
CFR Old Time Radio Presents Mercury Theatre “Around the World in 80 Days”

CFR Old Time Radio Presents the Mercury Theatre, Around The World In 80 Days staring Orson Welles as Phileas Fogg it aired on October 23rd 1938 one week before the infamous and historic “War of the Worlds” broadcast. Join your host Johnny Night as we follow Phineas Fogg around the globe on this timeless adventure by Jules Verne.

The finest radio drama of the 1930’s was The Mercury Theatre on the Air, a show featuring the acclaimed New York drama company founded by Orson Welles and John Houseman. In its brief run, it featured an impressive array of talents, including Agnes Moorehead, Bernard Herrmann, and George Coulouris. The show is famous for its notorious War of the Worlds broadcast, but the other shows in the series are relatively unknown.



CFR Old Time Radio Presents Superman Ep 1 & 2 and The Blue Beetle Ep 1& 2

by Johnny Night
CFR Old Time Radio Presents Superman Ep 1 & 2 and The Blue Beetle Ep 1& 2

Tonights show presents the first 2 episodes of Superman and The Blue Beetle. The premier episode of Superman is an exciting show and the Premier of the Blue Beetle is equally exciting. Your host Johnny night presents the finest in Old Time Radio and classic commercials.


The Adventures of Superman was a radio show depicting the thrilling adventures of Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen. The show ran in various timeslots and formats from 1940 to 1951, in both an initial transcribed syndicated format and later on the Mutual and ABC radio networks (sponsored for several years by Kellogg’s Pep, from 1943 until 1947).

The character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster arrived on radio not long after the comic book, and took on an added dimension with Clayton “Bud” Collyer in the title role. During World War II and the post-war years, the juvenile adventure radio serial was a huge success, with many listeners following the quest for “truth, justice and the American way” in the daily radio broadcasts, the comic book stories and the newspaper comic strip.


The Blue Beetle had a short career on the radio, between May and September 1940. Motion picture and radio actor Frank Lovejoy was the Blue Beetle for the first 13 episodes, while for the rest of the shows, the voice was provided by a different, uncredited actor. The Blue Beetle was a young police officer who saw the need for extraordinary crime fighting. He took the task on himself by secretly donning a superhero costume to create fear in the criminals who were to learn to fear the Blue Beetle’s wrath. The 13-minute segments were usually only two-parters, so the stories were often simpler than other popular programs, such as the Superman radio serial.